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Basics of Firearms Safety, Responsibility and Storage

Want to get your questions answered about firearms? This is the class! Learn 4 rules of firearms safety, safe storage, safe handling and more!

USSCA Self Defense Firearms Basics

This lesson will introduce you to a wealth of information on different types of self-defense firearms including handguns, home defense shotguns, and the AR-15 platform, where Shot Tec provides easy to understand explanations of the common terms used so frequently. The goal of this lesson is to de-mystify what can sometimes feel like a topic reserved for experts.

Applicable to anyone who wants to understand the basics of marksmanship and safe handling--- and it includes certification and experience with an advanced firearms simulator. 

This three hour classroom course utilizes an engaging presentation for USCCA "Mini Course Defense Fundamentals" AND experiential learning in the form of an ADVANCED FIREARMS SIMULATOR, previously reserved for law enforcement and military. This ensures greater retention and relevance of course materials via experiential learning that has proven far more effective than simple presentation-based courses

This is an education course primarily, and secondarily a training course. Shot Tec, LLC provides services to citizens, security, and law enforcement alike and you will be able to experience the same advanced simulations equipment that several local police departments hire Shot Tec, LLC for. This includes non-recoil and recoil enabled handgun, shotgun, and rifle kits as well as simulated range time for firearm fundamentals clinic and several scenarios filmed with real actors to experience exercising the course curriculum. Scenarios include active shooters, home invasion, burglary, and more. 

This course is for beginners as well as experienced alike. 

Students are encouraged to come early, bring a notebook, and water.

USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals 
USCCA Basic and Advanced Skills

A number of basic and advanced skills designed to take your skill level beyond the building blocks introduced in Lesson Three, and dramatically elevate your speed, accuracy, and enjoyment at the range.

USCCA Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan

Developing a personal & home protection plan is a key component of not only preparing for how we should (or might) react if confronted by a violent crime, but also how we might avoid violent crime in the first place. Within this lesson, Michael Martin explains that developing a protection plan is about much more than becoming proficient with a firearm or writing up a home invasion plan. It’s a plan that must encompass awareness, avoidance, and preparation, so that we’re less likely to find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option than to use our firearm, rather than more likely

USCCA Violent Encounters and The Aftermath

This lesson explains what physical and mental reactions may occur when a human undergoes extreme stress, such as during an incident involving deadly force. It also explains what you should do immediately after using force to defend yourself. Also, when law enforcement arrives, it is crucial that you conduct yourself in the correct manner and prepare yourself for the consequences, even when you are in the right.

USCCA Real Estate Agent Safety

Real estate agents face a high risk of violent encounters in the workplace, more so than many other professions. Which is why the USCCA has developed a highly specific Mini-Class to address this reality. WHAT REAL ESTATE AGENTS WILL LEARN THROUGH THE 55 MINUTE REAL ESTATE AGENT SAFETY & SELF-DEFENSE MINI-CLASS: - How to identify job-related activities that put agents at risk of an attack. - Situational Awareness: Teach students the finer points of tuning into their environment, helping them avoid a potentially violent encounter. - Commonly used cell phone safety features and apps that can be used to keep agents safe. - Legal use-of-force: What criteria must be met before an agent can use reasonable or deadly force – and the consequences that might follow. - Defensive Options: Armed, unarmed and less lethal. Agents, use this opportunity to become better protected and prepared today! 

USCCA Defense Gear and Gadgets

Walk into any gun shop, and the variety of gear and gadgets available can be a bit overwhelming. Gun vaults, holsters, lights, lasers—where do you start? In this lesson, Shot Tec will explain each of those pieces of gear, and he’ll discuss the options you should consider when you’re ready to go shopping.

USCCA Legal Use of Force

In this lesson, Michael Martin will cover important legal topics, including the laws governing the legal use of force inside and outside the home. Within this lesson, you’ll get a chance to test what you’ve learned, using several real world scenarios with you as the actor.

Gun Cleaning Class

Basics of how to clean and maintain your firearm. 

Counter Carjacking with Guest Instructor - COMING SOON

Due to the spike in carjackings, Shot Tec has arranged this class to address the needs of the community and the fastest growing threat: carjackings. In the first 7 months of 2022, there have been over 700 carjackings in Philadelphia. This class will break down the problem, strategies and tactics used by carjackers, and how you can avoid, mitigate, and fight back. WARNING: this class will feature case study video and will feature the simulator to teach this class via kinesthetic learning. 

Features Guest Instructor, a local police officer who has seen too many carjackings.

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