Shot Tec, LLC is making available a simple and effective Downloadable and Printable "Bug Out Bag  Checklist" File.


Now when you want to put together a Bug Out Bag for the car, home, travel, or special conditions, you can simplify your thought process by using this list. Espcially important is making sure you don't forget critical pieces of gear that could ruin an effective bug out or being able to save the day. Grant Schmidt of Shot Tec, LLC created this list as he realized it was more effective for him to organize spare Bug-Out related Emergency Preparedness items into DIY pre-made Bug-Bags then store the items by category or in a random bin in a random closet.


This checklist can help you maximize your potential and that of all your gear, including the leftover gear that is probably adding to clutter. Be effective and impress everyone, including yourself, by using this Bug Out Bag/ Get Home Bag/ Bail Out Bag/ Ditch Bag/ Emergency Preparedness Backpack Checklist by Grant Schmidt of Shot Tec, LLC. These also make a great and timeless gift for friends and family at only $1. You can save, email, share, print, or even laminate and stick in each Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.) you create so that you can grab and go and be organized, even if you created a bag months ago. Instead of constantly unpacking and re-packing and checking, simply use the list to see the contents at a glance.


Let us know if this was helpful and consider training with Shot Tec, LLC in-person or via video conferencing via platforms such as Zoom. Hope you like it and leave us feedback too!

Bug Out Bag Checklist, Color And Black & White Versions