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Customized Lessons to Fit Your Goals

Work one-on-one (or as a couple or family) with a a Shot Tec instructor who comes to you. Both Bronze and Silver are the best way to increase your performance, responsibility, and knowledge. . Become a champion.

Learn and train like a top-tier competitor.

Online Lessons:

A Shot Tec, LLC instructor meets with you via zoom. Zero setup is required,. Our sessions allows you to jump into and master the basics: fundamentals of safety, storage, and use. Once the fundamentals are mastered, sessions can blend fundamentals and topics such as: draw from holster, dynamic positions (seated, standing, etc), use of cover movement, and much more.


In Person:

A Shot Tec instructor sets up a FULL SIMULATIONS SUITE in your office, garage, living room, or any room thats 10x10 feet at least.


Go through hundreds of scenarios, courses, games, drills, and more. This will get your adrenaline going and is some of the best training on the market today.

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