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Meet The Team


Grant Schmidt

Founder & Lead Instructor

Grant founded Shot Tec, LLC to evolve how the United States educates its community on firearms, firearms safety & storage, and to raise the bar on proficiency, and increase access to proper education and training. Before Shot Tec,LLC, Grant co-wrote the best seller Crisis of Character and Secrets of the Secret Service. For Grant's extended bio, click here.


Gary J. Byrne

Primary Consultant & Lead Instructor

Gary James Byrne is a Retired Officer and instructor of the United States Secret Service and has served The Federal Air Marshal Service and Air Force Security Police. Gary is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Crisis of Character and Secrets of the Secret Service.

Find out more about Gary or purchase signed books from him at:


Richard Schmidt MD PC MBA

Founder & Lead Medical Instructor

Dr. Schmidt helped found Shot Tec, LLC to make life-saving medical training for law enforcement, civilians, and private security more accessible and more effective.


Dr. Schmidt, as an Orthopedic Oncologic Surgeon practicing in Pennsylvania and other states has consistently been hailed as a prestigious "Top Doc" and now he wants you to be a top life-saver.   

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