Frequently asked questions

Family Q&A

What age is appropriate to teach children firearms safety?

Maturity, attention span, and ability to take direction are the three key factors when instilling responsibility in children for any activity that carries responsibility. Just like with adults, age is not a direct indicator of those three factors, but Shot Tec LLC's simulated technology provides the perfect way to teach firearms safety to children and adults because there is no live ammunition present. Once safety is instilled, Shot Tec LLC's simulated technology is also the best way to instill how firearms can be rewarding if treated properly and can carry serious repercussions if not. Unlike rock climbing, sailboating, or even power tools, Shot Tec LLC's simulated experiences are exceedingly safe and immensely rewarding. Parents are often impressed by how much children develop maturity and ability to take direction with this opportunity. Parents are also surprised at how grateful their children are to to their parents to be given the opportunity to have so much fun. For the rare instance in which a child, with a guardian present, demonstrates they are not yet ready to follow the safety rules, we are grateful to provide you the knowledge that your child is not yet ready and it would be best to revisit the topic later on. We view this as a win-win because safety and development are our #1 priority. Young children especially have limited attention spans so we recommend scheduling learning in limited windows so they dont get burned out. Every lesson starts off with the two rules of firearm safety for children (If a child sees a firearm, STOP! DONT TOUCH! Go get an adult) and the three rules of safe firearms handling when with an adult. Shot Tec LLC's instructors know to give one instruction at a time, to always be encouraging, and always make learning a postive experience. We tell parents that its OK to make mistakes and even miss because the primary goal is to instill safe handling... after that we can focus on marksmanship, form, etc. All the while, Shot Tec LLC's instruction is designed to be fun, because that's the best way to learn. As the child learns, we increase the recreational aspect of games often using "brain-game" style targets to test if they can continue to handle a firearm safely and effectively as their brains are tested.

Why teach children and adults firearms safety?

Firearms are ubiquitious in pop culture around the world. Most depictions of firearms in cinema, video games, music, and television often don't instill a healthy respect for firearms. Worse, they can often instill an unhealthy care-free "wow, cool" attitude. Like sailboating, rock climbing, driving, using power tools, learning how to use a knife, these skills and activities that can be very rewarding if handled properly and very tragic if not. Shot Tec LLC's mission is to instill the the knowledge and attitude to make sure individuals and communities continue to become safer. Firearms activities and uses are also ubiquitious around the world, not just in the United States such as sports like trap shooting, skeet shooting, clay shooting, bird hunting, varmint hunting, big game hunting, trapping, flare guns for survival at sea, survival tools in the backcountry, self defense, and occupational neccessities. As such, instilling a solid foundation of firearms safety can ensure safety and that we all feel safe. Many laypersons or occupations may encounter firearms even when least expected. Stories abound of nurses, doctors, law enforcement, security personnel, real estate agents, firemen/EMS, agricultural occupations, and more encountering firearms that may be loaded or unloaded. Having a basic knowledge of firearms safety can help you navigate such a situation and ensuring safety. According to estimates, 1 in 3 USA households has a firearm in it and by knowing firearms safety you will know what to expect from yourself and others who may or may not possess firearms and store them in their homes, vehicles, or at work.

Simulator Q&A

Does the simulator use real firearms?

Shot Tec, LLC's services are split into two halves: Recreation and Training. For Recreational use, real firearms are 100% NOT present. For Training in New Jersey real firearms are 100% NOT present. For Training in Pennsylvania, all of our devices are considered "Training devices" and are 100% incapable of firing any live ammunition. Some of the devices we use may have been modified permanently or temporarily from real firearms which is especially helpful in training law enforcement personnel so that they can use their own platforms. We modify those firearms to emit lasers only. We also provide training devices that are comprable to real firearms that include felt recoil but, again, are 100% incapable of being fed or discharging live ammunition.

Does the simulator simulate recoil?

We have numerous training devices and numerous simulation equipment and some devices feature recoil. The felt recoil from these devices vary. So, if you are new to firearms handling we can start you off with zero recoil and graudally increase the recoil to near levels of real firearms. If you are experienced and looking for a more "real feel" we are happy to do that as well.

Shot Tec Q&A

For a recreational event such as a Bachelor Party, can we have alcohol and enjoy Shot Tec LLC at the same time?

Real fireams and alcohol certainly dont mix, but for recreational activities through Shot Tec, LLC, real firearms are 100% NOT present because safety is our #1 goal. Like zombies (which you can choose to shoot in our recreational use), since the training devices and props are NOT in any way shape or form real firearms though they may look and feel similar, alcohol use is permitted. Many of a certain age may remember the DARE drug education classes taught in schools and the "Drunk Goggles" they gave students to test if they could play basketball if their vision was imparied. Likewise, we are OK with alcohol being present for recreational usage of our simulator because we believe it encourages patrons to never mix alcohol with real firearms.

What is "Dry Fire?"

Shot Tec LLC's simulation technology is 100% dry fire technology; is therefore is 100% free of any possibility of a gun shot; and therefore is 100% safe. Firearms accidents happen when all three rules of firearms safety are ignored (1. Always point a firearm in a safe direction. 2. Always treat every gun as if it is loaded. 3. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot) and there is real ammunition present. If every rule is followed, the possibility of an accident is eradicated. Dry Fire practices goes even further than live fire practice safety rules by eliminating the presence of live ammunition. All professionals and top-tier competitors have been utilizing dry fire practice for decades and it is their secret to success. Dry Fire is shooting practice WITHOUT live ammunition. Live ammunition is a cartridge that consists of a shell casing that encompasses a primer (used to ignite the powder), explosive powder, and a projectile. When a cartridge is put inside a firearm's barrel and once the trigger is pulled, the primer is struck by a firing pin which ignites the primer which sets of the powder which forces the projectile out of the cartridge and through the barrel. HOWEVER Dry Fire is 100% safe because it is firearms practice WITHOUT the presence of live ammunition. As such, it is impossible for Dry Fire to result in a gun shot. With Shot Tec LLC's technology, dry fire is now paired with advanced virtual reality, and laser emitting and sensing technology to create the best of all worlds. We use this technology for both training and recreation to achieve our mission: increasing safety and performance.

Does Shot Tec LLC conduct Live Fire training as well?

Yes, but that is seperate from our simulated technology services. We offer Basic Handgun and Rifle certifications as well as many other live fire training and recreational opportunities to individuals and groups. Contact us for more details. More information on that will be coming soon. Shot Tec, LLC's services and technology are also available to large groups, Act 235 Private Security instructionals, and law enforcement training for rent or to be used in conjunction with other 3rd party instructors and schools. If you are interested in hiring or renting our equipment or services for your instructrionals, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

If I am already a police or security instructor, can we rent Shot Tec LLC's equipment or services to complement our existing coursework?

Yes. Shot Tec, LLC's services and technology are available to large groups, Act 235 Private Security instructionals, law enforcement training and more. You can rent the tech (which we can train you to use) or you can hire us to operate the equipment while you provide the instruction. If you are interested in hiring or renting our equipment or services for your instructrionals, please contact us and we would be happy to help.