Grant Schmidt,

Founder and Lead Instructor of Shot Tec, LLC


Grant Schmidt

Founder & Lead Instructor

Even before founding Shot Tec, LLC, Grant Schmidt has always been driven by passion to effect change. Grant ghost-wrote the New York Times Bestseller and 2016 Election blockbuster memoir Crisis of Character and followed that with Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service which helped bring transparency to the U.S. Secret Service. 


Grant transitioned from his writing career to effect greater change and launched Shot Tec, LLC to solve the inequities in community and self defense. He combined his passion for the defensive arts, his ability to synthesize information through cinema and advanced technology, communicate complex ideas simply, and provide great customer service. Thus, Shot Tec, LLC was launched in Mid-October of 2019 as perhaps the nation’s first mobile firearms and defensive tactics simulations training company available to law enforcement, security groups, and civilians. From mid-October to 2019's end, Grant Schmidt and Shot Tec LLC have already reached well over a thousand civilians teaching firearms responsibility and proficiency and received its first police contract.

“Active shooter,” “hate crimes” and “assault” are just some buzzwords and challenges we know we need to tackle; likewise, many "at-risk" communities are underserved with education and training. Enter Grant Schmidt and his startup, Shot Tec LLC launched mid-October of 2019. Grant has fused his life-long personal study and lifestyle of defensive tactics along with his professional skills of communicating simple truths. Grant isn’t a run-of-the-mill firearms and defense instructor; his method is to get you to learn simple truths yourself. Grant teaches using advanced simulation technology. When you ask why you should adopt certain proficiencies, Grant answers your questions using training aids and getting you to experience the applicable scenario-- no more white boards or chalk boards! From mid-October to end of 2019, Grant Schmidt through Shot Tec have taught well over 1,000 people in responsible use and performance of firearms, defensive tactics, and sport.


This is 2020; while the information is out there, access to quality education and training for good people is very inaccessible. Shot Tec LLC and Grant seek to change that by using advanced firearms simulations technology that comes to any police department, security company, or even civilian’s homes or businesses. This is how we turn the tide and make our communities more secure. 

Grant is a certified instructor in multiple certifying organizations. Some certifications are but are not limited to: the National Rifle Association: Basic Pistol, Refuse To Be A Victim, Basic Rifle; Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service of the Texas A&M University: Civilian Response To Active Shooter (CRASE) Course as an instructor for civilians; Grant Schmidt is also Act 235 Certified as a Security Officer including the Rifle portion for which he periodically takes security jobs; He is an adjunct Stop The Bleed instructor; maintains Red Cross Basic First Aid, including pediatrics; Grant has attended the NRA Range Development Conference, USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, and regularly advances his own personal training.  

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