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Basic Safe Handling & Firearms Storage Course

Safety is our mission and safety requires education. Our 1 to 2 hour course teaches, instills, demonstrates, and gets participants to demonstrate they understand the objectives of the course. Certificates are available after completion. We are also here to answer all questions regarding safe handling and storage. 


We bring the education to you or (coming soon!) we will be holding scheduled events for the public. 

Price: $100 for course, 1 hour. Online.

This course covers:

  • 3 tenets of firearm safe handling

  • Other safety rules you may not have heard of before. 

  • How to safely and effectively store a firearm from non-permitted persons, especially children and thieves in a dwelling or permitted building as well as while traveling. 

  • Best practices

  • Terminology

  • How to identify a real firearm

  • How to treat a firearm safely

  • Children and Firearms

  • Alcohol and firearms

  • Traveling with firearms

  • What is legal and illegal

  • Pursuing further training and education

  • Trusted sources

  • How to get legal questions answered from accountable sources

In the Classroom
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