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Event Speaker And/Or Educational Event Activity

To fulfill our mission of education in responsibility, Shot Tec can be a speaker, panelist, or expert at a community or corporate event.


Too often at speaker events and town halls on gun control or gun rights don't contain an actual firearms instructor/expert in the actual strategies/tactics, laws, etc for civilian usage of firearms.

Being a SIMULATIONS training, recreation, and education company, we are uniquely suited to demonstrate the issues at hand.

Our simulations equipment and instructions are ideally suited to demonstrate use of force policy for police/civilians, mechanics of firearms, and more.


Please contact us about town hall or speaker opportunities.

Our mission: “To teach Defenders, Sports Enthusiasts, and the public in firearms responsibility and performance using advanced simulations technology.”

Our motto: “Become The Best Shot. Have the best time.”

Shot Tec LLC can provide a speaker for your event to speak on a variety of topics:

  • Use of Force for civilians

  • Use of Force for Law Enforcement

  • Rights and Responsibilities of the 2nd Amendment 

  • History of 2nd Amendment

  • State of Firearms in the USA

  • State of Firearms in Pennsylvania

  • Mental Health and Firearms

  • Violence in General in the USA

  • Active Shooters, Response, and Case Study

  • Area Defense

  • And more

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