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We are a for-hire/ for-rent service  for your police instructors. Hire us to empower your instructors with exceptional simulations training that can be used for vehicle training as well!


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The Problem We Help Solve:

In 2019, police face the greatest challenges. They are expected to perform at the highest levels, in split seconds, day in and out, all while on a hamstring training budget. Shot Tec, LLC liaises and partners with your instructors, or certified LE instructors, so that your instructors can bring maximally safe, accessible, and efficient training to your officers. Our training helps officers develop the skills they need to win, learn and develop those skills in a safe way, critically think about use of force, and be ready to exceptionally perform for live fire training and qualifications.

Do we instruct/teach your officers?

No. We partner and liaise with your instructors or LE instructors you choose. We operate the equipment and take responsibility for it while your instructors instruct. Your instructors get all the benefits of superior technology without the drawbacks of purchasing, managing, and operating the equipment.

Do we develop the programming/software?

In a way, Shot Tec, LLC is like a gym; we don't develop the equipment; we bring all the gear and tools to one place--- and we bring all of that to YOU! Imagine if each department or agency had to purchase and continually acquire all of the simulations equipment, it would be cost prohibitive. Shot Tec, LLC solves that problem. We own, manage, and operate the equipment while your instructors get to instruct with all the benefits of the technology without any of the drawbacks.

Does Shot Tec, LLC try to replace live-fire?

No, but if you are missing in a simulation, you will miss in live-fire training. By getting marksmanship and other skills honed in a simulator, live-fire training is enhanced. ​

How is Shot Tec, LLC is Exceptionally Budget Friendly?

Be it in suburban, metropolitan, or rural areas, training can require hotel stays, travel reimbursement, overtime, and other costs, in addition to the cost of ammunition, disposable items, wear-and-tear, as well as the cost of the actual training itself. We believe the time for skill-building and remediation is BEFORE a qualification and BEFORE live-fire training. Skills building, critical thinking with use of force, skill acquisition, and remediation, can all be accomplished with simulations training. By Shot Tec, LLC coming to your officers, many budget items for training are reduced dramatically or are eliminated.

Our Founding

Shot Tec, LLC was the culmination of inspirations from Fmr. Secret Service Officer and New York Times Bestselling Author Gary Byrne and co-writer and tech guru Grant Schmidt and Doctor Richard G. Schmidt MD so that our officers can be the best.

For more information on our curriculum, continuing education credits, pricing and more, contact us.

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